Granny Grose's Buses 12
June 2 - 5, 2016
   Millmont, PA 17845
***Site updated June 1, 2016***

What is Granny Grose's Buses? Well, it's just another reason to bring out the Bus or Bug and camp with the family, along with fellow Volkswagen owners. We have been camping with Granny Grose for 16 years.

My family and I have always enjoyed camping. But never experienced the fun and absolute joy of camping in a VW Bus! On my 22nd birthday, I bought my first Bus. We started attending VW Shows. Met some of our closest friends through our love of Buses. We would camp before and after shows. And we always had talked about starting our own lil' campout.

A quick planned first GGB campout was held in May 2005 with just 8 Buses. In 2006, we jumped to 34 Buses! 2007, Granny Grose's saw 43 Buses from 12 States, 2008 grew again to 46 Buses. In 2009, GGB peaked at 75 Buses & 5 Bugs! In 2010, we hosted 70 Buses, 2 Bugs, & 1 Thing from 14 states and 2 countries! May of 2011....somehow on a soggy weekend...we had a record 76 Buses! In 2012, we beat the record, yet again, by one...77 Buses(82 VWs)!! 2013 hosted 72 Buses! 2015 hosted 54 Buses, 2 Beetles, and 1 Rialta

Come Camp With Us!!
 Justin & Jess


What to expect: 

There will be Mountain Pies by the fire, CornHole, Kid's activities, Saturday Potluck breakfast, Door Prize for each Bus, and good times with great friends!!

GGB11 tentative events schedule: GGB events are not a must. Just some options for you and your family throughout the weekend.

4:20am GGB11 officially kicks off!
Throughout the day: Early birds arrive to get their favorite spots!

Whenever we wake up: Meet and Greet Volks as they arrive throughout the day.

8:37am Meet at the pavilion to start breakfast
9:01am Start serving breakfast (hopefully)
10:31am TIE DYE PARTY!! Meet at pavilion after breakfast is cleaned up. 

1:27pm Line up for a Bus Cruise!
1:45pmSHARP Leaving for Tommy Two Buses Memorial Cruise to Chilly Willy's Ice Cream Stand!! 
6:37pm Join us one last time at the pavilion for Door Prizes & Awards!
8:03pm...ish - Campfire Jams with Peach & Jannelle!! Follow the sounds to the acoustic guitar and jolly voice!

10:32am Volks will be either gone or packin to head home. SAFE TRAVELS!

Saturday Morning Potluck Breakfast: 

We will meet at the pavilion Saturday morning for a potluck breakfast. We usually have about 50 volks for breakfast. You do not need to bring enough to feed 50. If everyone brings a lil' we can feed alot! Double & triple items are fine. We just try to avoid everyone making the same food.
Email me with your info to be added to the list.

*Justin & Jess: Donuts
*Jeanne Conkle & Family: Bagel's & Toppings
*CousinHuh!?: Orange Juice
*Messmer: Taylor Pork Roll & Grill
*Dressler Family: Pancakes
*Robertsons: Sharon's Famous Bloody Marys
*Keith Wilson: Eggs & Bacon
*Kauffman Family: Spicy Southwest Sausage Gravy.....Gluten Free of course!
*Tony: Fresh Eggs
*BigDaddy Kyle Collins: Quiche (sausage & bacon)
*Budd & Doris: Banana Bread & Zucchini Bread
*Russo Family: Potato-Cheese-Bacon-Bake
*Cook Family: Campfire Baked French Toast
*Borden Family( no shirt, brother, David): Mimosas
*Nolan Family: Fresh Fruit
*Chris & Chrissy: Sausage & Cheddar Balls
*Blumberg Clan(the one with four screaming boys!) Yummy Breakfast Ham
*SimDog: Sliced Avacado & Cheeses
*Kent: Homemade Syrup


Campground:    Sunsational Family Campground Website


Campground Address:
1120 Hoffman Lane
Millmont, PA 17845

Route 235 off of Route 522 in Beaver Springs has a BIIIIG Mountain!!
I suggest take Rt104 to Red Ridge Road
 Pittsburgh Area: Heading on Route 45 East. Turn Right onto Route 235. Follow Rt235 to Creek Road.(GPS will try to tell you to turn before Creek Rd) Turn Right onto Creek Road and follow to campground entrance.

Harrisburg Area: Heading on Route 15 North. GPS will tell you to take 235 off Rt15. BUT I suggest to follow Rt15 and turn Left onto Route 104. Follow 104 through Middleburg. Continue on 104 until Red Ridge Road.
Turn Left onto Red Ridge Road. Turn Left onto Creek Road and follow to campground entrance.

Scranton Area: Heading West on Route 45. Follow Rt45 through Mifflinburg. When just out of town from Mifflinburg you will see a lil fairgrounds on right. Directly after, Veer Left(road goes off 45 on an angle) onto Swengel Road. Follow Swengel Road until it becomes Creek Road. Follow Creek Road to campground entrance.

Meet and greet volks that will be attending the campout on our Facebook page:


GGB10 - 2014



GGB9 - 2013


GGB7 - 2011
76 Buses!!


GGB6 - 2010:
70 Buses, 2 Bugs, and 1 Thing from 12 states & 2 countries!!

GGB5 - 2009:
75 Buses & 5 Bugs!!

GGB4 - 2008:
46 Buses and 1 Bug.

GGB3 - 2007:
GGB3 was an ABSOLUTE BLAST! Gorgeous weather, 43 Buses, and 1 Thing made for an memorable weekend. Buses from Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Jersey, Massachussetts, Rhode Island, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, New York,Maine, AND Florida!! Check out the video. (Click Play arrow twice)


GGB3 Pictures:

A gallery (coming) of pictures from GGB3.

A look back at GGB2 - 2006:
GRANNY GROSE'S BUSES II WAS A GREAT CAMPOUT!! Over the weekend, there were 34 Buses, 2 Squarebacks, 1 Fastback, 1 Bug, and 1 VW Trike!

GGB2 Photos:

Messmer family photos  -  Scott's photos

GGB1 - 2005:
8 Buses!

A HUGE thanks to GO WESTY for YEARS and YEARS of GREAT gifts and support! THANK YOU!! (click text below for link)


   ****Granny Grose's Buses is NOT associated with Volkswagen or VW of America. The words VW and Bus are used for reference only and do not imply any affiliation with VW or VWOA.****


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